Bodyweight HITT and sculpt

This is a full body hitt and sculpt workout that kicked my butt.
Interval workout, set timer 50-10, 3 sets

burpee pushup kickout
spider scorpion pushup
2 jump lunges , jump squat
butt lift knee in
dive bomber with frogger
1 legged squat into warrior
up and down into tuck jump
tabletop ext
supergirl plank with fly
plank hop pushup

Attack Upper Body Hitt Workout


This is a total upper body workout, with some cardio in between. Intense.

8 exercises
4 burpee box jump inbetween each exercise

1.Seated shoulder press
2.Skull crusher
3.Close grip press
4.Chest flyes
5.Trx rev flyes
6.Trx pullup, elbows out
7.Trx pullup, elbows in
8.Alt bicep curls

Transformer those legs and butt workout

Lets blast those legs and butt today.  This workout is awesome, I have to say my butt was on fire the next day.  Enjoy

10 exercises

30’s cardio inbetween each exercise – skipping, high knees, jumping jacks, stair runs….

With these exercises you can choose to use weights or not, still very much effective

1.Deficit lunge left – 10

2.1 legged deadlift left  – 10

3.Deficit lunge right – 10

4.1 legged deadlift – 10

5.Jack jump squats – 20

6.DB squats – 20

7.Step up kick left – 10

8.Bulgarian split squat left – 10

9.Step up kick right – 10

10. Bulgarian split squat right – 10

Cardio & Strength Leg workout

This workout is a leg and glutes workout, it will make you sweat.  I did 3 sets with 5 min cardio before each set… Give it  a try..

1. Jump Squats – 10

2. Pendulum Lunges – 10 each

3. Jump Squats – 10

4. Step Ups – 10 each

5. Jump Squats – 10

6. Side Lunges – 20

7. Jump Squats – 10

8. Romanian Deadlifts – 20

Upper Body Blast

This workout was intense, i did it 3 times through.  Seeing as i have not done upper body in awhile due to a shoulder injury it kicked my butt.  Hope you enjoy it too.

UpperBody Blast

5 burpees before each exercise

1.Hammer curl

2.Tricep kickback

3.Lat shoulder raise

4.Chest Flyes

5.Bent over rows

5.Bicep in & out curls

7.Lying tricep ext

8.Front shoulder raises

9.Chest press


11.Curl & press

12.Tricep dips

13.Double arm swings

14.Stability ball pushup & tuck

15.Rev flyes

Bodyweight Bonanza Workout


50’s work / 10’s rest

1.Burpee pushup alt kick thru

2.Ab tuck and pike jump

3. Alt jump lunge and jump squat

4. Dive omber burpee with opp knee to elbow

5. Charlies angels knees in

6. 2 spider pushups, 10 alt froggers

7. Burpee with alt leg lift and kick under

8. Jump squat with side and back kick

9. Sumo plank

10. Heel tap leg raises