Full Body Weighted Circuit Workout 3

50’s work – 10,s rest

3 sets

1. Squat, Clean & Press

2. Side to Side Pushups, 8 mountain climbers

3. Lat Lunge, Reverse Lunge & Curl Alt

4. Plank Climbers, Plank Jack & Froggers

5. Forward Lunge & 1 Legged Deadlift Alt

6. 1/2 Swing & full Swing

7. Burpee Plank Row & Press Alt

8. Goblet Squat & Press

9. Lying Tricep Ext & Leg Raises

10. Deadlift & Row

Leg Burner Workout 1

Leg Burner workout x 3 sets

10 Jump squats in between each exercise

1. Pendulum lunges R x 10 reps

2. Pendulum lunges L x 10 reps

3. Front squats x 15 reps

4. Deadlift x 15 reps

5. Stability ball hamstring curls x 15 reps

6. Side lunge & curtsy lunge R x 10 reps

7. Side lunge & curtsy lunge L x 10 reps

8. Lying Glute raises x 15 reps

Bodyweight 10 min HITT interval workout


Bodyweight 10 min hitt interval workout

1 min work, 10’s rest

One arm burpee

V ups

2 jump lunge, tuck jump

Plyo switch push ups

Star jacks burpee

Plank kick out touch toe

180degree jump squat

Spider pushup


8 wide hop squats, 8 wide push ups

15min full bodyweight hitt workout


equipment used- resistance band and gymboss timer



15 min full bodyweight hitt workout
interval 50/10
3-4 sets
5 min cardio before each set
1. jump squat
2. pushup tuck
3. 2 jump lunge kick up alt
4. pushups into v-pushup
5. prison sumo squat
6. dive bomber into down dog touch toe alt
7. resistance band pulldowns / use dumbbells and do bent over row
8. burpees
9. resistance band rev grip pulldowns/use dumbbells and do rev grip bent over row
10. knees in and frog ins

Bodyweight HITT and sculpt

This is a full body hitt and sculpt workout that kicked my butt.
Interval workout, set timer 50-10, 3 sets

burpee pushup kickout
spider scorpion pushup
2 jump lunges , jump squat
butt lift knee in
dive bomber with frogger
1 legged squat into warrior
up and down into tuck jump
tabletop ext
supergirl plank with fly
plank hop pushup

Attack Upper Body Hitt Workout


This is a total upper body workout, with some cardio in between. Intense.

8 exercises
4 burpee box jump inbetween each exercise

1.Seated shoulder press
2.Skull crusher
3.Close grip press
4.Chest flyes
5.Trx rev flyes
6.Trx pullup, elbows out
7.Trx pullup, elbows in
8.Alt bicep curls